Our Projects

The Refuge

The centerpiece property of Hooray Ranch, The Refuge offers a 4,000-square-foot space for large gatherings. Nuance worked with the owners to overhaul the design and layout of the entire building interior and exterior. As you look through our portfolio, imagine your next major gathering: wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, or just an amazing get-away.

Hooray Ranch

A commercial success (yes, we design business interiors as well)! Nuance partnered with Hooray Ranch, a 15,000-square-foot hunting lodge in Kansas — spanning six stunning buildings — to update furnishings and interior layout, add signature accessories, and create custom textiles and accent pieces. The result is a rustic retreat like you’ve never imagined.

The Blue Lagoon

Updating this vacation home with vibrant furnishings, accessories, and an entirely new layout concept was an exciting challenge. Rustic and bohemian styles came together through the bold blues, specifically, but also with vibrant greens and reds, and the mix of textiles and prints created a lovely interplay of color and pattern. An exceptional home away from home.

The Lakeside Loft

We’ve taken this space to brand new heights. Nuance Interior Designs designed this home after a complete gut rehab. In addition to furniture, accessories and layout, Nuance selected lighting, furnishings, flooring, paint, tile, cabinets, right down to the hardware. A beautiful redesign, and an incredibly luxurious space.

Grand Lake Retreat

Blending soft whites and clean, modern lines with rustic touches of wood, this luxurious lakehouse is the perfect getaway. Blue and white furniture, rugs, and accents lend a cool and airy feel, while rich, dark wood flooring, doors, and wood accents balance the space.

The Luxe Lodge

Warm hues and luxurious dark woods create a sense of luxury and elegance. In the main area of the home, the unique branched chandeliers form an eye-catching centerpiece, while stone accents on parts of the wall lend a rustic vibe. Fun little touches like armchairs in interesting prints, and a moose head over the fireplace, complete the look.

Lakehouse for Two

This design is marked by, rich, earthy tones, and soft, warm neutrals. Wrought iron style lamps and other fixtures, with the occasional pop of bold leopard print, lend visual interest throughout the interior. 

The Farmhouse

This home combines soothing neutral tones with a variety of interesting textures. We used grays and whites throughout, lending the home an open, airy feel. Clean lines and of rustic farmhouse aesthetics make this home the perfect modern farmhouse.

Modern & Rustic in the Coves

Clean modern aesthetics paired with raw, rustic, natural elements create a unique style in this home. While much of the furniture and cabinetry favors smooth surfaces and clean lines, we’ve added in accessories with a soft yet rustic appearance for a juxtaposition of style.