When our clients moved from across town to their new lake house, they reached out to us for some decorating help and to make their new space feel like home.  The house had great bones to begin with, so it was easy and fun to help them pick out new furnishings and decor that really made their new place shine.  We presented a casual but polished design plan, that updated the home and also incorporated familiar and traditional touches.  The result is an effortlessly elegant aesthetic that is perfect for this couple to enjoy their home on the lake.
Interior designs for Lakehouse for Two
The living room is the first space you see as you walk into the home, so we knew it was important to make it feel welcoming and special right off the bat.  Because the room opens up into the kitchen and sunroom, it also needed to feel cohesive and anchor the entire style of the adjoining rooms in this open floor plan home.
Nuance Interior designs of Lakehouse for Two
Since the room was so large, we wanted to create separate zones of conversation and utility, while maintaining the unity of the space. We accomplished this by placing the couch in the center of the room, and creating a separate seating nook on the back wall.  This effectively created a hallway between the sunroom and the kitchen, and the console table allowed a place to showcase some art and accessories that made the nook feel intentional and special.
The sunroom is just off the main living room, and it is the place where our clients spend most of their time relaxing at home.  The natural light and the views of the lake are spectacular in this room, so we oriented all the furniture to take full advantage of it, and kept things neutral and simple in this narrow but highly utilized space.
Interior designs forf Lakehouse
Lakehouse interior designs
It was an absolute pleasure working on this project, and we hope our clients are very happy in their newly decorated home.  The sectional and all the chairs were custom ordered through our design shop, Nuance Interior Designs.  The carpet was also a custom order from our shop, and fun fact, is also the same carpet we have in our showroom!  The art was specially selected and ordered from Nuance Interior Designs, and many of the accessories can be found both in our store and online.  If you’d like to schedule a design consultation for your own home, we’d love for you to get in touch!