Project: Rosemary Beach Vacation Rental Home
Design area: Interior and exterior
Services: Design, decor, layout changes; new painting and all new furnishings
Timeframe: Three weeks
Challenge: To provide enough seating and sleeping quarters for multiple families
Rosemary Beach Vacation Rental Home
 Interior design of Rosemary Beach Vacation Rental Home Design
Many know my work around this region, but I have been grateful for incredible design opportunities throughout the United States, like this one. I was approached to design a luxurious environment in an existing beach house in Rosemary Beach, Florida. My clients wanted a very warm but modern beach rental home with clean finishes that would attract many renters throughout the year.
The challenge was creating a space where multiple families could vacation together and have both communal gathering areas and separate “suites” complete with comfy lounge furniture and table nooks or side rooms with sitting spaces. Separate rooms for kids have bunk beds and lots of storage for belongings and books. 
 Interior design of Rental Home Design
Rental Home Interior design
I was asked to do this project in three weeks, showcasing Nuance’s ability to do top-notch strategic and creative planning on short notice. I traveled down to Florida for a consultation and started work right away. What I concentrated on most was to integrate both the inside and the outside living in a way that felt seamless, given the fact that the exteriors and the interiors often blend together at the beach. 

“I can’t say enough about Amber and Nuance. We’ve used her for three homes, and this one was a very quick turnaround. We only had 3 weeks to be ready for the seasonal rentals. Amber brought her crew and made everything beautiful but practical. We were absolutely thrilled, and our Rosemary Beach property company was absolutely amazed. Everyone loved the results!”

Cathy Timmermans

Nuance updated the color palette, providing new paint in muted and sea-worthy colors, updated lighting, and chose furnishings that really complemented the communal setting, separate room suites, and open floor plans. Wooden floors are easier to keep clean with any sand, and slipcovers on many of the sofas are washable after each vacation use. 
 Interior design of rentals homes
 Interior design with enough seating and sleeping quarter
 Interior design of  Rosemary Beach Vacation
What we were able to accomplish in such a short time was incredibly beautiful and comfortable, with smart ways to approach sleeping arrangements for adults and children alike, areas for conversation and eating both inside and out, and a light and airy feel. As prevalent as the seating is within the home, we understand that when you come to Florida, the goal is to be outside. We have plenty of seating for dining al fresco, early mornings with coffee, or a late night rendezvous with your family and friends. 
exterior designs of rental homes
exterior designs of rental homes
How grateful I am to be able to design not only where I live and have my shop, but in places all over the United States. I love each and everyone of my clients and the talented crew that helps me. If you have a vacation home or rental that you hope to redesign or update, we’re here to help. Call us for a consultation.
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Amber Benson