Project: Deck the Walls
Design area: Residential Interior
Services: Holiday decorating, updated flooring, paint, furniture, decor, hardware, and accessories
Location: Grand Lake, OK
Challenge: Designing a space by marrying the timeless elegance of the whole house remodel with the festive flair of Christmas decor.
‘Tis the season of joy and transformation at Nuance Interior Designs! In our latest project, we didn’t just remodel an entire house; we added a sprinkle of holiday magic with a festive Christmas decor overhaul. This blog takes you through the enchanting journey where we deck the halls, walls, bedrooms, and living room!

At Nuance, we believe in making every home uniquely special, and what better way to celebrate the season than by offering a dedicated Christmas decorating service. Whether you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland or a cozy Christmas retreat, Nuance can turn your holiday vision into reality.

As you step into the home, the transformation begins right at the entrance. New furniture and captivating artwork immediately set the tone, creating an ambiance that’s both fresh and inviting. But here’s the twist – it’s also beautifully decorated for Christmas! Light-up trees strategically placed cast a warm and festive glow that embraces you from the moment you walk in, complimenting the magnificent chandelier hanging from above.

Now, as you ascend the staircase, you’ll find the holiday spirit woven into every detail. The stair railing is adorned with Christmas garland showcasing decorative ornaments, but the magic doesn’t end there. Atop the stairs, three exquisite blue trees come into view, perfectly complementing the deep blue accent wall and decor hanging below. It’s a symphony of design elements, where each piece harmonizes to create a memorable and festive welcome right from the very first step into the home.

Entering the living room, the festive atmosphere continues. Those same enchanting trees that welcomed you at the entrance are now casting their glow in this space as well, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance. In the heart of the room stands a beautifully adorned Christmas tree, a beacon of holiday cheer. Beside it, adding a touch of whimsy, a large elk statue makes a statement and draws the eye, but not too much to overpower the rest of the decor and newly added furniture.

Where the series of full sized windows spans the length of the wall, it was imperative to keep the space open for the picturesque views of the lake, where the beauty of the lake becomes a backdrop to the holiday celebrations.

Transitioning to one of the redone bedrooms, the trees that lit up the entrance and living room, now a signature element, continue the cohesive design of the house with new furniture and striking inky blue paint. With new white leather furniture gracefully complementing the blue walls and marbled floors, the golden headboard akin to a piece of art, taking up much of one wall, becomes a focal point. Followed closely by the other artwork hung elegantly throughout the room.

The breathtaking views of the lake are truly an undeniable focal point in this master bedroom. The arrangement of furniture strategically encircles the windows, inviting the stunning lake scenery to become an integral part of the room’s design.

We know that for our clients who live on the lake, the design plan must showcase this, it’s not just a consideration; it’s a crucial element. The goal is not just to have a house by the lake but to create a living space that harmonizes with the natural beauty just beyond the windows.

Each bedroom is not only treated to new paint and non-seasonal decor but also adorned with special Christmas touches. They become a unique expression of comfort and holiday cheer, a testament to the thoughtful approach Nuance brings to every corner of the home.

At Nuance, we offer the flexibility to bundle holiday decorating with whole-home remodels or redecorating projects. It’s our way of ensuring that your space not only looks refreshed but is also ready to embrace the spirit of the season.

Throughout this project, our expertise extended beyond the typical remodel checklist. From lighting and paint to hardware, flooring, furniture, rugs, art, and all non-seasonal decor, every element received the Nuance touch. The result is not just a remodeled home but a winter sanctuary that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with the festive spirit.

For those who love a hands-on approach to holiday decor, our Nuance Showroom in Grove, OK, is your winter wonderland destination. Discover a curated collection of Christmas decor, from dazzling lights to exquisite ornaments and everything in between. At Nuance, we don’t just design homes; we also offer a festive touch to your holiday celebrations.

“We were so fortunate to find Amber Benson and Nuance Design shortly after moving to Grove.  Amber is not only an exceptional design professional, with vision and creativity on a large scale, she is also impeccable with every detail along the way.  Her integrity, professionalism, communication, and charming nature made the entire home update a joy.  She created an exquisite design with updated furniture, accessories, artwork, new color palette and carpet selections.  We were completely blown away when we came home to see the final “Reveal”.  It is our dream home!  Everyone who works at Nuance is so talented and professional in their areas of expertise. They have all been a pleasure to work with as well. Nuance truly provides a turn key experience.  We could not give a higher recommendation!”
Rhonda S.

It is our joy to create warm, inviting, beautiful homes as the backdrop for our clients special memories year in and year out. Knowing that the holiday decor we curated and installed in this project will be part of this family’s special Christmas experience is just the sweetest icing on the cake.
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Amber Benson

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