Project: OKC Mansion reimagined
Design area: 12,000 sq ft Residential interior
Services: New paint, lighting, cabinets, hardware, expansive redecoration
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Challenge: Transform this once outdated space into a modern masterpiece while still preserving the grandeur. Brought to life within a mind-blowing 17 hour timeframe!

In the heart of Oklahoma City, a remarkable transformation has unfolded, turning an outdated mansion into a stunning embodiment of modern elegance. This extensive house remodel, spanning an impressive 12,000 square feet, has shifted the aesthetic from a dominating brown palette to a masterful showcase of style and sophistication.

At Nuance, our meticulous approach began with a comprehensive furniture and decor strategy crafted in advance, utilizing our showroom as a hub for rugs, furniture, art, decor, lights, and textiles. With a solid plan in place, we executed an end-to-end Nuance experience, coordinating seamlessly with painters and subcontractors to ensure a swift and stress-free makeover. We operate as a one-stop-shop, managing every aspect and accounting for every meticulous detail, freeing up valuable time and mental energy for our clients.

Let’s delve into the transformation, starting with the grand entryway—a space that sets the tone for the entire house. Our goal extended beyond a mere facelift; we aimed to infuse a touch of grandeur with Roman-inspired elements, creating an immersive experience as one enters the mansion. The strategic use of a blue hue in the dome opens up the space, inviting natural light to enhance architectural details and surrounding decor. Moving through each room, a cohesive design language unfolds, tying the entire mansion together while maintaining its unique charm.

The initial state of the first living room was characterized by a sea of yellow lighting that cast a dull and unflattering hue on the white walls. The brown furniture, while functional, blended too seamlessly with the floors, creating a monotonous visual palette.


The living room, now a realm of sophistication and style, has bid farewell to dreary yellow lighting in favor of a carefully curated lighting scheme that not only brightens the space but also accentuates its newfound elegance. The centerpiece of this transformation is an exquisite chandelier—a true work of art that provides functional illumination while elevating the overall ambiance with glamour and sophistication.

In the remodel, we’ve turned existing white ceiling beams into a distinctive feature, adding depth and visual interest to the living room. The impact of color is evident in the thoughtfully selected blue and white rug, complementing new furniture and playing a pivotal role in brightening the entire space. All items were hand-selected from our showroom, in Grove, OK — which is always available to our design clients and casual shoppers alike.

This master bedroom space, once reminiscent of a bygone era with its floral curtains and a sea of brown furniture, has undergone a much needed transformation.

Fast forward to the present, and the master bedroom has undergone a refreshing transformation, shedding its outdated appearance. The overpowering brown furniture has been replaced with a soothing white ensemble, creating a more calming space to unwind. This modern choice extends into the master bathroom, where busy wallpaper has given way to a clean, refreshing look. Stealing the spotlight is a beautiful dark blue vanity, becoming the focal point of elegance and sophistication in the revamped space.

Entering the dining room, the ambiance transforms from ordinary to extraordinary. Rich, deep blue walls set the stage for a captivating atmosphere, while a stunning chandelier suspended above the dining table serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, elevating the entire dining experience.

The dining room’s initial state featured brown floral wallpaper, contributing to a heavy and outdated ambiance. The old 12-person table had seen better days, and the chairs lacked the luster needed to complement the grandeur of the space.

The addition of an accent bench provides a touch of versatility and charm, while this carefully chosen artwork serves as both a conversation starter and a visual focal point, contributing to the overall ambiance of the space.

A seamless collaboration between Nuance Interior Designs and our dedicated team of subcontractors brought every element to life within an efficient 17-hour timeframe. Our commitment to planning, executing, and handling fine details ensures instant gratification for our clients, allowing them to step away briefly and return to a completely transformed space.

This project goes beyond selecting colors and furniture; it’s about creating spaces that resonate with the people who call this place home. With simple yet thoughtful design choices and a dedication to our clients, houses become more than structures—they become the backdrop for life’s cherished moments. Crafting beautiful, functional, and inviting spaces is not just our job; it’s our joy. Your dream home is not a distant goal; it’s a reality waiting to be shaped, and we’re here to make it happen. We eagerly anticipate turning more houses into homes filled with warmth and memories.

“My husband Jim and I wanted to share how extremely pleased we have been with Amber our interior designer and owner of Nuance Interiors. She has done two homes for Jim and we and have come to think of her and her team as good friends. Every bit of our project was fun and professional in every way. Thank you to all of you who made our home a dream come true!”
Jim & Pam D.

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