ProjectVacation condo rehab near Shangri La Resort on Monkey Island, Oklahoma

Design area: Residential interior

ServicesDesign, decor, layout changes and furnishings, renovation
Location: Grove, OK
ChallengeCreate an updated and modern vacation rental with all the necessary comfort elements and amenities
OntheRocksVacation_Featured Image
We have been having so much fun renovating this space! On the Rocks condo is a recently updated luxury rental apartment nestled on Monkey Island on northeastern Oklahoma’s Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees, within walking distance to the renowned Shangri La Resort. The condo was redone with care to create an ultimate getaway destination in a gated condominium with a pool overlooking Grand Lake. What we loved about this location, is that vacation renters will also have access to all the amenities of Shangri La Golf Course and Resort. We took care to source furnishing, textiles and decor that really spoke to comfort and serenity.
The challenge, as with many similar projects, was updating the space to reflect a modern yet comfortable atmosphere, while working with space constraints. The lofted bedroom is easily accessible with views overhead to the area below. All new furnishings, decor, textiles, and lighting helped to create a brand new feeling within the home.
Perfect for a family of four, we were able to create a space for two queen beds and a closet in the condo loft area. There is also a pull-out sofa on the main floor below. There is also a bathroom on both floors for easy accessibility. 
Here are some of the photos of the the renovation in progress leading to the loft area. 

Loft area in progress


Stairs up to the loft area

When I saw the potential of this space, I couldn’t help myself. As with many of my projects, I am hoping to create the kind of space that I would enjoy spending time in that feels cozy and reflects the modern design sensibilities of so many of my customers.”

Amber Benson

The kitchen is an amazing space in this condo. So many vacation properties have insufficient kitchens, but we wanted to make sure that everything was easy, and we love the open shelving of the kitchen, where everything is in view and easy to find. Also, the open living/kitchen concept makes better use of the space, so everyone is able to be in view of each other whether cooking, getting a snack, or relaxing. 


Open kitchen plan with comfortable seating and gorgeous stairwell


You can also see the before pictures of the kitchen and open sitting room below. Taking out the cabinetry opens the smaller space to feel bigger, and since this is a vacation condo, the open shelving is not only more visually appealing, but more functional for quick finds in the kitchen. 


Kitchen before


Kitchen before with view of the stairs


Open seating before

And these shots show the renovation in progress on the main level. What a difference!


Every project we do is a work of creativity and love, so that in the end, our clients, or, in this case, our vacationers enjoy their space to its fullest potential. 

With this condo, as with any vacation space, you want to have the outdoors at your beck and call at every moment, so this patio area is fantastic, with a gas grill for easy dining. Grab your glass of wine and take a seat!

For more photos of this project, including some before/after shots, check out the portfolio gallery here. If you’re interested in renting the space for your next vacation, feel free to check them out on Airbnb and VRBO!
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Amber Benson