Project: A Warm & Cozy Getaway

Design area: Residential interior

Services: Complete redesign of central areas, decor, layout changes and furnishings, renovation
Location: Grove, OK
Challenge: Design a comfortable and relaxing space that feels like a home.
image of the living room with sofas by windows
When we first met with our clients, it was easy for us to catch the vision for what their dream space looked like. Brighter, cozier, warmer, these were the elements we had in mind as we modernized their living room and kitchen, brightened the master bedroom, and refreshed the dining room and entry way. The biggest challenge was the dark wood scattered throughout the home, while we didn’t want to get rid of that richness completely, we knew we needed to tie it together with lighter tones through furniture, decor, and paint.
With a fresh coat of paint, new cabinets, backsplash, and appliances, the kitchen was reborn into a more timeless and welcoming space. The master suite received new furnishings and decor, but we also kept the rich mahogany pieces to ground the room and allow the deep and airy colors to play off each other.  

Before: Master bedroom, simple, needs sprucing up.


Before: Kitchen, dark, dated.

After: Suite is elevated by bringing in lighter tones, brighter decor, and an accent chair.


After: Kitchen is much more inviting, with light and airy textures to contrast the darker floor, as well as plenty of room to sit or cook.

New dining room table elevates the room, while the mirror brings in more light and therefore helps to expand the space.

After – Staircase refreshed with decadent art pieces while front door receives complete makeover. Modernizing the space and tying in the surrounding art pieces.

Before – Nothing to catch your eye or spark interest. All the colors and pieces blend together.

We were thankful there weren’t too many big renovations that needed to happen to this home. The structure and layout were both things that have caused us a headache or two in other places, but not here! Besides fresh paint, new fixtures, new cabinets and backsplash, we had relatively smooth sailing when it came to this makeover. 


Dining room during renovation.

In the left picture you’ll see that the formal dining room comes straight off the front entry way. We wanted to create a warm and welcoming first impression with this room, we did so by first adding this circular light fixture to contradict the rectangular shapes throughout the space. We updated the cabinet to a shorter, sleek, bar table, as well as brought in eclectic dining chairs to diversify the earthy tones from the natural flooring. We love this hardwood flooring and we wanted to keep it as is, so we found creative solutions to change the furniture and decor rather than replace this piece of history.



Before – Monotone, furniture and decor both very dark.


After – Light & refreshing, much cozier with pops of color to deepen visual interest.

We chose decor that would bring color and life into this space. With all the dark, earthy tones of the wood, we wanted to implement blues, golds, whites, and grays wherever we could. Because wood is known for it’s rigid and straight edges/lines, we intentionally brought in decor with flowing curves, asymmetrical lines, and organic shapes to balance what the client had and wanted to keep.


Our clients wanted to take their monotone, dark, dated home to a warm and inviting space where they could kick off their shoes and enjoy a relaxing oasis, a place for them to welcome their friends and family for many years to come. We were thrilled to help them achieve this by bringing in brilliant and playful colors – both in furniture and artwork, juxtaposing our new pieces with their wood collection. We brought in softer textures as well as organic curves and natural lines, but our favorite part is how bright the contrasting colors stand out, creating a plethora of visual interest throughout the house.  

” Amber & her highly qualified team have done two homes for us. From start to finish, their work is always exceptional.”

Jenny D.


Light-filled room with contrasting textiles, colors, and patterns.

For more photos of this project, including some before/after shots, check out the portfolio gallery here. 
We were honored to transform this home into the warm & cozy retreat our clients deserve. If you have a residential home, vacation property or commercial space that you hope to redesign or update, we’re here to help. Call us for a consultation.


Amber Benson